Your event live on the internet via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or multiple (social) platforms at the same time.

Your event live on the internet via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or multiple (social) platforms at the same time.

Increase your audience
with our
Event Livestream

Jouw evenement live op internet via Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn of meerdere (social) platformen tegelijk.

Jouw evenement live op internet via Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin of meerdere (social) platformen tegelijk.

Increase your audience
with our
Event Livestream

Livestream via Social media

A live stream provides opportunities to share an event such as a trade show, concert, conference, training or meeting online with audiences around the world at the same time. With a livestream, you increase your reach among your target group and still offer the audience, who cannot be physically present, an opportunity to attend the event. It also provides the opportunity to connect live speakers who cannot be present or who are on the other side of the world.


Research shows that viewers watch a live video 3x longer than a recorded session. Your reach is also much higher. Facebook live videos, for example, receive 10x more likes and comments than regular videos. Followers on Facebook and YouTube receive notifications when a channel they follow goes live.

Even if they are not currently watching live, they will receive a warning that a live broadcast is about to start or is in progress.
But even after the Livestream, you can still watch the broadcast.

Live broadcast via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, internally or all at once.

These are some possibilities:

  • Webinar or Livestream from your own office, event location or one of our studios.

  • Entirely in accordance with the rules of the government and RIVM.

  • We use high-quality robot cameras so no cameramen and therefore a small crew.

  • Register via your website or another platform. Includes sending invitations and reminder emails.

  • Can be viewed on all devices publicly or shielded for a select audience.
  • Broadcast on own website, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or another channel.

  • Broadcasting on multiple channels simultaneously.

  • We use your branding guide Lines.

  • Standard with graphic package (Intro/outro, title bars, logo in the corner)

  • Full guidance by our team from A to Z.
  • Participants can dial in live through a video connection.

  • Using PowerPoint, Videos, photos to support. (Share screen)

  • Ask questions about the content of the stream by using a chat function.

  • Ask poll questions during the broadcast.

  • We can provide various experienced discussion leaders.

  • Always a fixed transparent rate. (no license, no subscription)

No stress, we help you every step of the way!

3321 Sending MessagePreparation and invitation
We help you, if desired, in setting up the registration process, developing a registration page and marketing the Livestream. Including sending invitations and reminder emails.

3330 MeetingProduction and Livestream
Of course, we take care of the entire production preparation. We always start with a location visit. Then we ensure that everything is technically arranged. You don't have to worry about light, sound, cameras and all other technology.

3298 AnalysisAnalysis and distribution
After the Livestream, we are naturally curious about the results. How many viewers were there and how many asked for more information? If desired, we help you distribute the Livestream via a social media campaign because your livestream after the live broadcast is also very interesting to view after or to reach people in your target group.

Why Livestream Solutions?

  • Professional image, sound, light and decor
  • Broadcast from your location or one of our studios.
  • Many possibilities from simple with one camera to very extensive with dozens of cameras.
  • Fast, professional, flexible, affordable and transparent.
  • We participate in the entire process.
  • We can take care of the entire process. From registration to distribution and take everything out of your hands.
  • Broadcasting on multiple channels at the same time is no problem.
  • Always one point of contact.

What is your objective?
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E-learning - Target group Awareness

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