Our multidisciplinary team
Our multidisciplinary team

More than 12 years of experience

Livestream Solutions is a 100% subsidiary of SKIPP Creative Video Agency, a full-service agency for video productions and animations. We started in 2005 with providing marketing for SMEs, market leaders and beautiful brands. Not for the name and the fame, but because we understand each other and take it to a higher level. Our clients challenge us and give us the space to excel. And we go beyond any agency to provide them with the result that creates success. Realizing added value is what drives our team.

Thanks to our many years of experience in commercials and video productions, we have all the facilities in-house for professional production. We work with the latest techniques, and our colleagues are all experts in their field. Live streams, Webinars and Webcasts have been part of our work for years. Due to the increasing demand from our customers, we have positioned our Livestream activities under Livestream Solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Our event is very soon, can you help us?

Most definitely! We are used to short deadlines, we don't mind that. We have several sets so we can switch quickly. We also often have customers who initially opt for a Zoom or Teams Webinar, but then as the date approaches, they want a professional setting. Call us without obligation to quickly check what the possibilities are.

I have a PowerPoint and/or a video. Can I also share this?

A PowerPoint, video, photo, it doesn't matter. We can visualize it all, and we can determine how this is done. Everything is possible at the top, bottom or together with the presenter. Multiple screens around a presenter are also possible.

We have a speaker, but he cannot be physically present

That often happens. Sometimes it is also difficult to have someone fly in from the other side of the world. We have an online platform where the speaker can log in to get a razor-sharp image on our software. This gives us the opportunity to view up to 8 people at the same time. Handy when you have a jury or panel of experts, for example.

What is the difference between you and a Webinar via Zoom?

The difference is mainly in the quality of image and sound. Zoom, Teams, Hangouts and Skype are perfect tools for meeting multiple people remotely. Due to the different types of connections and limited bandwidth, the images are often blurry, and when things go wrong, the sound is also out of sync. Our Webinars and Livestreams are of HD quality image and sound, allowing your viewers to watch a professional broadcast. This is good for your positioning as a professional company and useful for your marketing objectives.

What do I need to organize a Webinar?

It naturally starts with a good presentation or topic. It is important to know whether you want your viewers to register or whether you want to broadly target your audience to view your Webinar. Are there guest speakers, and from which location do you want us to broadcast? These are the basic elements required for the organization. After this, we go through the process step by step. From invitation email, registration, reminder email to the broadcast and distribution of the Webinar afterwards. Of course, we arrange all technical matters.

What do you all arrange?

As a production company, we have experienced producers who know exactly what it takes to organize a professional live stream Webinar. We advise and guide you through every step of the way and can completely unburden you by setting up a registration page, creating and sending personal email invitations, sending reminders, making intros, outros, title bars in your branding, helping from the Webinar after broadcast via online marketing and much more. Call for the possibilities!

We are looking for a chairman/presenter

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up an extensive network of presenters and chairmen. For every industry and each with its speciality. Not simple speakers, but real discussion leaders who keep asking questions and prepare well for the theme.

What does a Webinar, Livestream or Webcast cost?

Because a Webinar or Livestream consists of different parts, it is difficult to give a fixed price for this. Are we going to use 1, 4 or 6 cameras? On location or in our studio? 1 or 8 guest speakers? Are we going to provide all or part of the production? In a short telephone

To give you an idea of the costs, we organize Webinars and Webcasts starting from 950 euros. A live stream is often technically more complex, and the starting price is 1,250 euros. That is not bad, right?

Would you like to request a price quickly? No problem!

Call one of our specialists. We are happy to help you!






Why Livestream Solutions?

  • Professional image, sound, light and decor
  • Broadcast from your location or one of our studios.
  • Many possibilities from simple with one camera to very extensive with dozens of cameras.
  • Fast, professional, flexible, affordable and transparent.
  • We participate in the entire process.
  • We can take care of the entire process. From registration to distribution and take everything out of your hands.
  • Broadcasting on multiple channels at the same time is no problem.
  • Always one point of contact.

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